Should statewide limits be put on pan fish?

In NYS, the DEC imposed different limits on different pan fish species about 10 years ago.
25 crappie. 9" minimum
50 sunfish
50 yellow perch
no limit on white perch
The reason for the regulation regarding limits supposedly is because in certain areas of the state there are shoreline anglers (immigrants) that keep everything they catch regardless of size. The waters a fish (at least fifteen in rotation) never have anglers that fish regularly on those waters or that even keep what they catch. The pan fish populations are extensive and no DEC surveys have been done, due to lack of funding, to tailor limits. The DEC refuses to even consider taking the word of those that keep logs how large or how many fish are caught and have responded that the law is the law and will not be changed any time soon.

Biologically speaking, sunfish and crappie are prolific breeders and unless there is fishing pressure to cull the population, competition with other species from predation of minnows and fingerlings of all species can be detrimental over the long run.

What is your opinion of general regulations that may harm a fishery?
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Speaking for where i fish, most ponds and small lakes are over run with stunted panfish. You can catch 50 bluegill all the same size....... eventually the bass get small too......