Basspro in St. Catharines is negligent with fish.

The live tank display has injured fish and others with disease or fungus.

First off how are you able to keep wild sports fish in Ontario? Does the MNR not forbid this practice?

The species are mismatched for a joint tank, I think the large catfish are attacking the others. Quite a few are scarred or have open sores, ongoing since day one. I noted what appears to be a red fungus that I had seen before in wild stock. There is other disease too.

It is an impressive display but the managing of these fish is heartless and irresponsible. Who do I contact to get my issues addressed? I want to see MNR involved but that can be awfully expensive should they agree laws have been ignored.

Does this occur in other locations?

EDIT : I should have checked the traffic on this forum before posting as it is very low, no response. I contacted head office, they will deal with it next week.

I am suspicious that proper food is withheld to get this cannibal result. On Friday a bass had ate another fish, tail protruding from it's mouth, this is not natural, close to the rare, but too big according to my memory of the science side. I can no longer remember by specie, but 1/3 is the largest size ate by a bigger fish? The example fact is 2/3's to 3/4.