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I just recently saw the new line of kayaks that carry the Ascend name at a Bass Pro store. I am impressed with them. I have not tried them out, but have enough experience with kayaks to recognize what's good. These are good kayaks at very competitive prices. I live and fish in south Florida and I will recommend that some of our kayak fishing club members take a good look at them. There is one thing to watch out for and I hope Ascend will address this soon. Most of the kayaks I saw in the store were red and black and generally dark colors.

Here in South Florida, and I imagine any place where the sun shines down on us, those dark colors get very hot. Sometimes so hot you can burn your hand (or your butt) before you know it. 😒 Yes, even blisters. And the dark colors are not as visible on the water as one might think, so it becomes a safety issue as well. Just one example, in our club we have two almost identical kayaks, both green, but one is olive green and the other is lime green. The olive green one gets so much hotter in the sun it is unbelievable (and uncomfortable). The lime green one stays cool and is visible on the water from a greater distance. Lime green, yellow, even white would be better colors than anything dark. Are you listening Ascend?

But do yourself a favor and take a look at these well designed (except for maybe color) Ascend kayaks.

David Andrews
head honcho of the Kayak Fishing Club of the Palm Beaches
West Palm Beach, Florida

They are okay start up kayaks in my opinion. I have as my first a Ascend Fs128T. I like the kayak it got me on the water. But in 2013 they were $500 not they are $700. I feel a bit much for the defects still in place. But if it gets you on the water go for it.
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Let me say, first of all, I bought two Ascend fs12t about a month ago and had them out 3 times and I think they're great. However, I do have two small complaints: they are a little heavy, (I think around 75#s) and the rod holders won't rotate horizontally. That said, I've had kayaks in the past that I had to trick out for fishing, these kayaks are ready to go! I can stand up to fly fish or throw a cast net. Paddle holders and plenty of room for a cooler and milk crate. I'm happy with the purchase and I would recommend them.

As for luck, I've caught several trout, jack crevalle, and flounder in them so they might be a little lucky, also!! I probably just jinxed myself.