4 Steps to Help You Consistantly Hit Your Target

News & Tips: 4 Steps to Help You Consistantly Hit Your Target...

Regardless of your abilities, there are always some basic things that will help you hit your mark whether it’s busting clays, upland game hunting or waterfowl hunting.

  • First of all, practice mounting the gun until it comes to the shoulder in a smooth, automatic motion.
  • Locate the target as quickly as possible and then concentrate on the target and point the gun-don’t aim it like a rifle.
  • Shoot where the target will be, not where it is and provide proper lead for the speed of the target.
  • Don’t stop the swing of your gun when you pull the trigger-continue to swing smoothly through the target.

Consistently hitting your target, be it clays, upland game or waterfowl, requires dedication and training, so practice, practice, practice!



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