Fish a Float for Summer Crappie

Monday, July 06 2015 4:49 pm - for Crappie
Ah, what could be more traditional than a fishing rod, a bobber, and a frisky minnow on a hook? It harkens to childhood days of panfish, popsicles, and not a worry in the world until school started again. While you may have graduated from the red and white bobber, floats can still be a valuable piece of your fishing arsenal. Whether you’re six or 60, here’s why they should have a place in your tackle box this summer:   Using a float to slow your presentation can result in some of the biggest slabs of the summer. Keep Your Bait…
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How to Find River Crappie

Sunday, May 10 2015 12:00 pm - for Crappie
Finding crappie in rivers can be a whole lot easier if you remember that crappie rarely challenge the main flow of a river. They prefer to use eddies, slack water, and cover that breaks the current. Speckled perch will spawn out of current in areas that warm more quickly than the main flow, with peak spawning at 66 to 70 degrees water temperature. Vertical cover that extends from the river bottom to above the surface provides good holding places for crappie in rivers with heavy current. The heavier the current the wider the cover must be to hold them. In…
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Crappie can be choosy. While springtime often yields good action, it pays to have a stocked jig box so you can make adjustments on the water. Crappie jigs with these 3 features should always have a place in your assortment. Crappie jigs with appendages feature movement and and a realistic profile that drives panfish crazy. 1. Flash Fleck and glitter suspended in a soft-plastic can sometimes make a huge difference. When you need to slowly work a jig and appeal to neutral crappie, a bit of sparkle can trigger the bite. This holds true in clear and stained water. Last…
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Jerk Fishing for Crappie

Sunday, March 08 2015 7:00 am - for Crappie
Want to try something a little different when crappie fishing this spring? Try jerking for them. Jerking is a technique that’s been used in some parts of the country for quite a few years but is just now catching on in others. Here's how you do it. Rig a minnow or jig under a bobber, cast it around crappie cover, then moveit with short, quick jerks every minute or two. Beneath the surface, your jerks make the bait dart erratically for a second and then flutter down, simulating a wounded baitfish, and that really excites a crappie. When using this…
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The Do-It Corporation/Off-Shore team of Tommy Skarlis and Kyle Steinfeldt employed a few tactics that are relatively new to southern crappie fishing Feb. 13-14 when they rode a big second day to a runner-up finish in the Crappie Masters All-American Tournament Trail national qualifier on the Harris Chain of Lakes near Tavares, Fla. Trolling jigs behind Off-Shore's Tadpole in-line trolling divers on Off-Shore OR-12 planer boards, Skarlis and Steinfeldt put together two seven-fish limits for 16.50 pounds and finished close behind winners George Parker and Tim Eberly of Florida (17.19 pounds). "What we did is going to probably set the…
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I’d never want to take a crappie shoe shopping. Even if you could overcome the difficult task of sizing a fin correctly, the fish would never be able to make up their mind. One moment plain sneakers would do just fine, the next bright pink platforms are a must-have. The point is, figuring out the depth and color to use when crappie fishing is often a huge guessing game.  These finicky panfish leave me wishing I could just throw my whole jig box in the water and let them decide. Spider rigging is the closest thing to doing just that.…
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Great Ice Fishing Buys for Under $5

Wednesday, January 07 2015 4:00 pm - for Ice Fishing
Don’t let an empty bank account keep you from a great hard water outing.  These items can make all the difference on tough days, and at under $5 each you can still afford to pack some beverages! Berkley Bucket Rod Holder: A steal at $3.99, I regularly use this rod holder for securing my dead-stick rod when soaking a minnow for walleye, perch or crappie. I highly recommend it. Bass Pro Shops Depth Finder Weights: Depth finder weights are traditionally used to quickly find bottom when setting tip-ups and other stationary lines. I also like to use them to add…
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When ice fans dream of upcoming escapades, many optimistically envision epic getaways spanning a weekend or more. Unfortunately, extended adventures can be tough to pull off, given the time constraints of daily life. Indeed, just carving out a full day on the ice can at times be a challenge. Good news is, opportunities abound for enjoying quick trips offering great ice fishing for a variety of species. And some of the finest occur shortly after darkness falls. "My favorites are early evening trips for walleyes or crappies," says longtime guide, decorated tournament champion and avowed night owl Scott Glorvigen. "With…
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4 Panfish Ice Baits You Need

Saturday, November 29 2014 9:00 am - for Ice Fishing
The big profile of the Rapala Jigging Shad Rap and wide, gliding action are the ticket to trophy slabs and jumbo perch. For those of us in the North Country, ice fishing is just around the corner. The start of the season can provide some incredible action. Here are four must-have baits for icing big panfish all winter long. 1. Jigging Minnows Slab crappie and jumbo perch love jigging minnows, such as the Rapala Jigging Shad Rap. When panfish are on the chew at early ice, the big profile of these lures and wide, gliding action really have a knack for…
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4 Tips for Sight-Fishing Crappie

Wednesday, November 26 2014 9:00 am - for Crappie
Bright baits are the ticket for sight fishing for crappie. Try glow, white, chartreuse and other vibrant patterns. Metallic lures also give off good flash, making it easy for anglers to track baits during the retrieve. Fall is a great time to catch crappie. One method I use in northern clear-water lakes is sight-fishing crappie around deep, healthy weeds. These crappie are hunting baitfish and various tasty invertebrates living in the aquatic plants. The best fishing days tend to be overcast. Here are four tips for this approach. 1. Fish high Crappie are up-feeders so best results often come working…
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