3 Reasons to Use a Drift Sock in a Kayak

Wednesday, September 24 2014 11:00 am - for Boat Rigging
When kayak fishing, using an anchor trolley kit and a drift sock means less time paddling and more time catching! Let’s face it. Boat position is a chore no matter the type or size of rig, but wetting a line from a kayak brings its own challenges. When the water’s over waist deep, two indispensable items for kayak fishing are an anchor trolley kit combined with a sea anchor (also known as a drift sock) In windy and wavy conditions these two affordable items are a godsend. Here are three reasons why. Slow Down A sea anchor slows down drift…
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Standing long hours on carpet-covered plywood can take its toll on the body, especially in choppy water. When renovating my casting deck a decade ago, I removed the seat base; so using a chair or pedestal aren't options. One solution I have found to increase comfort is placing an anti-fatigue mat on the deck. Anti-fatigue mats are available at hardware stores. Quality, size and degree of cushion is linked to price. The model I own cost $40. It has 4-by-3-foot dimensions. Used lengthwise it allows for two anglers. Mat Features to Consider When shopping for a mat opt for one…
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The Ultimate Boat-Control Tool

Wednesday, March 12 2014 12:00 pm - for Walleye Fishing
Every year, it seems I spend more and more time using walleye fishing tactics that have me fishing from the bow of my boat – tactics that require pin-point boat control and positioning. Add to that the fact that I have learned that in some trolling situations, controlling the bow of the boat is every bit as important to successful boat control as running the kicker motor in the back of the boat, and it quickly becomes apparent that the bowmount trolling motor is one of the most important boat-control tools an angler can have on his boat. But, not…
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