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Picture the perfect spring turkey hunting day and it would be something like this: vivid blue skies, crisp air, and a hint of wind to keep the bugs at bay.…
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A diaphragm call in the mouth of a skilled caller is turkey hunting's most lethal tool. It perfectly mimics the turkey vocabulary with no more motion than expanding lungs and…
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Crafting Your Own Turkey Tote

Sunday, April 20 2014 3:00 pm - for Turkey
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The flopping and thrashing of a fine gobbler gradually subsides as you bask in the warm glow of a moment as Dame Fortune's favorite stepson. It's a magical time of…
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Grandma is a Turkey Hunter

Friday, April 18 2014 9:18 am - for Turkey
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New to turkey hunting, this Grandma had all sorts of firsts while hunting during the opening of turkey season in Kentucky. I’m happy to say I killed what the guides…
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Spring turkey season is just about to get underway. Are you ready for it? If you’re as excited about the start of the season as those of us at Bass…
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I was a young hunter, and he was an old gobbler, and the lesson he taught me has stuck to this very day. I had what I felt was a…
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Fringe Benefit Turkeys

Tuesday, March 04 2014 6:00 am - for Turkey
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The following sequence occurs all too often on popular public hunting areas...         At dawn, a longbeard begins gobbling with anxious frequency. Several hunters hear him, race to the…
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How to Hunt Turkeys That Don't Gobble

Monday, March 03 2014 6:00 am - for Turkey
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The sound — or lack of sounds — was frustrating to say the least. A gobbler that I had roosted the evening before had simply glanced around him in the faint…
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Turkey Hunting for Windy Weather Gobblers

Monday, February 24 2014 6:00 am - for Turkey
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On a clear, calm day from a prominent ridge you can hear a turkey gobble a mile away. But how many clear, calm days do you encounter during spring turkey…
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Spring turkey hunting season is nearly here – how have you started to prepare for the season? Hopefully in addition to doing some scouting, engaging in research and working on…
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