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by JD Pate Bass fishing and kayaks are a match made in heaven, and a great choice is the Ascend FS128T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak, which includes almost everything you need…
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3 Reasons to Use a Drift Sock in a Kayak

Wednesday, September 24 2014 11:00 am - for Kayaking
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When kayak fishing, using an anchor trolley kit and a drift sock means less time paddling and more time catching! Let’s face it. Boat position is a chore no matter…
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3 Tips for Stealth Kayak Fishing

Monday, June 30 2014 3:00 pm - for Kayaking
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A kayak is one of the stealthiest fishing platforms I've used. While boat design aids one's on-the-water stealthness, just how quiet things end up being is up to the individual.…
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Slipping quietly over a shallow weed bed, you feel the subtle brush of vegetation below your feet. With the sweep of a paddle a swirling vortex, water spins past the…
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Give Kayak Fishing a Try

Monday, April 21 2014 3:00 pm - for Kayaking
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If you haven't already, you owe it to yourself to give kayak fishing a try. As far as a fishing platform goes, today's recreational or angling-specific models are lightyears ahead…
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Kayak Fishing Gaining Popularity

Monday, February 10 2014 5:00 pm - for Kayaking
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Larry Whiteley, host of the award-winning Outdoor World Radio show, offers the benefits of adding kayak fishing to your list of outdoor adventures. Fishing from a kayak is rapidly gaining popularity…
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Kayak Fishing in Saltwater

Wednesday, February 05 2014 6:00 am - for Kayaking
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Paddling for fish in the quiet reaches of a salt marsh has a quality that not many other experiences can equal. The only sounds are the gentle ripples of the…
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The beaver waddled up out of the lake to investigate lakeside vegetation for breakfast. He poked around and nibbled on a few green strands before slipping back in to the…
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Dry Bag Buying Guide

Thursday, July 04 2013 7:00 am - for Kayaking
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For all of us that dream of floating down rough rivers, either fishing or roaring through whitewater rapids, a quality dry bag is an absolute essential. Cameras, video equipment and…
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Kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding are excellent activities that get you into the outdoors, provide you with the opportunity to take in gorgeous scenery and wildlife viewings, and give you…
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