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Spring is here and it's a good time to take inventory of your walleye trolling rods and reels in preparation for the upcoming season. Load up on the correct gear before…
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There is a certain joy in potential. After applying a coat of super glue to the collar wrap, I removed the bucktail jig from the vise and hung it on…
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Favorite walleye fishing hotspots during autumn include tributaries, points, and humps. Anglers who focus on those hangouts have the chance to boat a big one. Autumn is an amazing time…
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Flukes — brand name anglers often use to describe one basic style of soft stickbaits — are highly effective river walleye baits when water temperatures rise into the mid 50s and…
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How to Get the Drop on Pier Walleyes

Thursday, July 31 2014 6:00 am - for Walleye
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    Walleye rivers of all sorts feature piers, vertical structures where walleyes collect during the summer months. Bridge piers, which often funnel the river's current, are the most common.…
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No gas? No boat? No problem! Fuel prices or the lack of a walleye rig shouldn't limit your opportunities for catching summertime 'eyes. Swap petro for boot leather to take…
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Lay Over Walleyes

Thursday, July 03 2014 1:10 pm - for Walleye
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Anglers love to follow cliches.  Many of these cliches get taken as bold truths and get repeated until nobody ever questions what the cliche is. A lot of information is…
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Rock and Roll Shallow Walleyes

Thursday, March 27 2014 6:56 pm - for Walleye
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Want to have some fun? Try targeting big walleyes in shallow water. Anglers who claim walleyes don't fight as hard as other species have probably never hooked a 4- or…
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Walleye Require Boat Control

Thursday, February 06 2014 6:00 am - for Walleye
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 Presentation is a key component when chasing walleye. If your lure or bait is not positioned at the correct angle, depth or speed, your chances for success are greatly diminished.…
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Allow me to detour a moment from widely accepted methods of catching early season river walleyes. Not every walleye (or sauger) responds to a vertically presented jig-n-minnow fished right under…
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