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A common misconception amongst inexperienced fly tiers is that prepped materials are the only ones worthy of a place by the vice. Veteran tiers eventually learn that being creative and…
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Many fly tiers won’t skimp when it comes to purchasing fly tying materials such as hackles or dubbing for fly tying but never pay any thought to the thread they’ll…
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Over my years in fly tying, I have been lucky enough to test nearly all fly tying bobbins. There are so many different varieties and styles of bobbins on the…
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The uses for deer hair in fly tying are almost endless. Spinning, stacking and layering deer hair are just a few instances where the quality of the hair can spell…
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Essentials to Get Started Fly Tying

Friday, September 12 2014 3:00 pm - for Fly Tying
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    Similar to purchasing the tools for fly tying, trying to decipher what the essential materials are can put a beginning tier into a head spin. Many of the…
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The Caddis Poopah is an extraordinary fly pattern designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Looking at this pattern from a basic construction stand point, the fly is most certainly…
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Tying the Madam X

Tuesday, December 10 2013 6:00 am - for Fly Tying
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The Madam X is a versatile hopper pattern developed by author, guide and fly tyer Doug Swisher to trick resident trout of the Bitterroot River in Southwestern Montana. Although the…
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Tying the Barr's Spork Fly

Saturday, December 07 2013 6:00 am - for Fly Tying
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With so many different carp/sucker flies on the market, how does an individual find their way through the endless flash and feathers to the perfect fly? First and foremost let's…
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Fly Tying with Biots

Tuesday, October 01 2013 10:00 am - for Fly Tying
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One of the most interesting and unique materials to ever grace a fly has to be the biot feather. This one-of-a-kind material is actually a single feather barb from the…
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The stimulator fly is one of those fly tying patterns that does not necessarily denote a specific fly, but more an arrangement of patterns to use with differing color variations.…
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