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You know that feeling you had in school, the one where you tipped your chair back just a bit too far? Taking a fateful misstep in a trout stream can…
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Fly fisherman like all other fishing enthusiasts have the belief that certain patterns or baits work better in a particular seasons or with certain types of fish. The truth behind…
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Although the Northern Midwest is known for countless miles of pristine trout streams and lakes, every year anglers are discovering how fun and exciting spring pike fishing can be. Fly…
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Stoneflies can produce some fantastic nymph fishing, especially in the cold flows associated with the spring months. These big tantalizing insects are prolific in most cold, clean streams found throughout…
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Using Bead Heads in Fly Fishing

Wednesday, April 02 2014 6:00 am - for Fly Fishing
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If you take a quick look into your fly box, what do you see? Do you have barrage of gold bead head nymph patterns lining your fly box or a…
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Early Spring Fly Fishing

Monday, March 24 2014 3:00 pm - for Fly Fishing
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Going from winter to spring brings open water and an early opportunity to do a little fly fishing. But fly fishing during this time of year can be hit and…
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Carp on the Fly

Saturday, March 15 2014 6:00 am - for Fly Fishing
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Every year, as the spring flows slowly settle out of our favorite bodies of water, you'll find dozens of anglers fighting for river real-estate in hopes of catching a few…
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Keeping Your Fly Outfit Clean

Tuesday, February 11 2014 6:00 am - for Fly Fishing
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Keeping your fly fishing outfit clean, functional and nice-looking is not a difficult task, nor does it take longer than a few hours a year total. Even though this task…
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Losing a fish is often the most disappointing event in angling (save physical harm of course), but a strong runner-up is realizing you forgot a piece of gear you needed…
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Protecting Your Fly Rod

Thursday, November 07 2013 3:00 pm - for Fly Fishing
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Out of all the different fly fishing items a fly angler uses Fly rods need to be protected above all else to ensure their long life. Anglers can spend hundreds…
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