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Those that bowfish—or are at least any good at it—are familiar with the concept of refraction. Light waves traveling through water move at a different speed than through air.  This…
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Bowfishing: Hunting on the Water

Monday, August 05 2013 1:04 pm - for Bowfishing
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Bowfishing has always been a great pastime for off-season archers, but in recent years, it has absolutely exploded in popularity. It's fun and easy, and anyone can have an absolute…
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The author's first bowfishing trophy, a nice 13-pound carp shot within five feet of the boat. Despite over 20 years of bowhunting experience, I still hadn't ever taken to the…
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Bowfishing 101

Monday, May 13 2013 4:00 pm - for Bowfishing
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Since the first time I started bowhunting three decades ago, bows have progressed light years. Now it could be intimidating to get in to bow hunting since it seems like…
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