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Rat Out Big Fish With a Topwater Mouse

Wednesday, August 12 2015 4:55 pm - for Bass
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Casting the lure towards the vast green mat of milfoil, I cranked slowly on the handle of the baitcast reel, tensing instinctively. Somehow I just knew a strike was coming.…
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The simplest way to select a bass fishing rod is to match the rod's action with bait-specific techniques. We can narrow techniques down into 2 categories: tight-line techniques and slack-line…
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The 5 Lures Smallmouth Can't Resist

Tuesday, June 23 2015 7:30 am - for Bass
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Call it “Survivor: Smallmouth Style.” Tell a professional angler he’s going smallmouth fishing somewhere that has a huge population of big bronzebacks and watch the smile spread across his face…
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Summer fun with Ike Berkley fishing tackle pro Mike Iaconelli is an icon in the world of professional fishing, known for his exuberant yelling even when hooking and landing fish…
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Largemouth bass are opportunistic feeders. Preferring to lie in wait under a canopy of cover for the next meal to swim by, these fish possess heightened senses that are fine-tuned…
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As far as Ott DeFoe knows, his eyesight is as good as that of anyone else on the Bassmaster Elite Series. Just a few months shy of his 30th birthday,…
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6 Must-Have Crankbaits for Largemouth Bass

Monday, November 17 2014 1:00 pm - for Bass
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  You could spend hours trying to narrow down what crankbaits are most important for putting fish in the boat. Crankbaits are available in all styles and shapes, making narrowing…
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Normally a mobile approach to fishing river smallmouth is preferred, but there are certain conditions that call for dropping the anchor and focusing on areas where fish are concentrated. It’s…
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5 Tips for Late Fall Northern Largemouth Bass

Tuesday, October 21 2014 12:00 pm - for Bass
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Fishing the late fall shift on northern lakes has its advantages. Largemouth bass can be relatively easy to locate and, for the most part, will be the largest you will…
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Casting, jigging, and dragging a football jig teamed with a bulky plastic are reliable ways to catch smallmouth bass. Try wetting one this fall, and you’ll quickly get hooked on…
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