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Silence is sometimes golden, and when the woods are full of loud bugling and constantly mewing elk hunters, pressured elk simply go silent—and hunker deep into thick cover. Maybe you…
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As elk hunters across America head afield in search of bugling bulls, the one elk hunting dilemma every hunter faces is deciding whether or not to make a move to…
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Elk By the Numbers

Saturday, August 31 2013 6:00 am - for Elk Hunting
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According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, approximately 1 million elk freely roam in parts of North America. Right behind those elk herds are hunters — hoards of orange-clad hunters who…
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by John Paul Morris A gunshot on September 1st, 1877 silenced the bugling of the last Eastern elk in the world, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service declared…
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Preparing for Your First Elk Bowhunt

Tuesday, August 06 2013 4:00 pm - for Elk Hunting
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Wapiti. Monarch of the Mountains. Cervus Canadensis. Elk. Whatever name you choose, dreaming about an elk bowhunt sends chills and waves of adrenaline throughout a bowhunter's body. And that's just…
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Strategies for Late-Season Elk

Tuesday, January 22 2013 3:29 pm - for Elk Hunting
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Raging winds swept across the Gallatin Range as we stepped out of spike camp high atop North Mountain. We had fortified ourselves with pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee and now,…
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