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Selecting the right weapon for bear hunting is important, and knowing how to skillfully use it is even more important.   Black bears often weigh 300 pounds or more; so…
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Black Bear Baiting and Hunting Tips

Tuesday, August 20 2013 1:00 pm - for Bear
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American black bears live only in North America. These familiar bruins are primarily woodland animals, occupying forests as far north as forests grow in Alaska and Canada and as far…
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Baiting for Bears

Friday, May 10 2013 4:00 pm - for Bear
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If you've found a good bear hunting location, the next step would be to consider bait. Bears may favor caviar but it is doubtful if you have an endless supply…
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Tips for Bagging Black Bears

Monday, April 01 2013 4:41 pm - for Bear
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Whether you hunt them in spring on a trip to a Canada or during fall in the U.S., the black bears are among the most fascinating of all big game…
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A Bear Hunting Trip

Saturday, October 20 2012 8:44 am - for Bear
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The author's nephew Ben Weston, back for a short break from Afghanistan, poses with a 6-foot bear skin. My brother-in-law and the kids came out to visit us in Idaho…
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