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How Weather Affects Walleye Fishing

Tuesday, March 03 2015 7:00 am - for Walleye
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Spring thunderstorms will cause walleye to go deep or bury themselves in weeds. Big lake suspended schools of walleye may break up or move great distances during storms. Cold fronts…
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No more Chevy in the FLW. Yep, it's old news, but for Mercury pro Jimmy Houston it is still something that hit him hard. After a 30-year sponsor relationship, to…
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Try bowfishing to sharpen your archery skills and do something good for the environment, too. Bowfishing is good for the environment. So what does bowfishing have to do with the…
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DeFoe Ready For 2015

Sunday, March 01 2015 7:55 pm - for Fishing Tournaments
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Kicking off the start of a tournament fishing season with an 11th place finish at the Bassmaster Classic is a dream-season end for many competitive bass anglers. Heck, just qualifying…
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Working a Wobbler-Style Fishing Lure for Bass

Saturday, February 28 2015 7:00 am - for Bass
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Largemouth and smallmouth bass love wobbler style lures and you should, too. The fishing lure’s wobbling action causes powerful surface strikes that will shake you to the bone. Fishing wobblers…
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  Dr. Grant Woods, Wildlife Biologist uses prescribed-fire as a habitat tool on his Missouri property. The wildlife professionals at bring you this video with basic how to information…
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If you love the outdoors--and we know that you do--there are beautiful things to see and do all over the United States. From the Pacific Northwest or the deepest of…
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Here in northwestern Pennsylvania it’s the time of year when you take advantage of whatever outdoor opportunities present themselves.  If something is in season and the weather decides to cooperate,…
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Pete Dickenson an expert at preparing coyote pelts with Adam Keith of Before the visit with Troy, see how an expert taxidermist skins out a coyote (0:56 to 09:20).…
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Gear You Need for Walleye Fishing

Sunday, February 22 2015 7:00 am - for Walleye
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Walleye fishing tackle is becoming more specialized every day, but it is still amongthe simplest of rigs you can buy and use. One of the best all-around combinations is a…
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